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Moses Industry Co., Limited is an innovative company which integrating product design, quality management and export. Our company have a professional development team, which regularly inspects foreign markets, combines the design concepts of Europe, America and Japan with product materials, colors, product types and so on to achieve effective resource integration, so as to adapt to the customers as many as possible. We are committed to the full use of wood, resin, cement, iron wire, glass, pulp, textiles, knitted goods, ceramics and other  environmental friendly materials to design the production of personalized high-simulation plant bonsai, home decorations and so on. Professionally undertaking plant wall landscape engineering, soft floral design, widely used in families, gardens, cafes, offices, hotels, balconies, wedding decoration and so on, try our best  to meet the modern people's pursuit of the original ecological beauty.



Contact: Dora Huang

Phone: 13316176147

Tel: 020-29037017

Email: m-sales@moses.biz

Add: 2F Building A5 Yishida Tech. Xi'er Village Luopu Panyu District Guangzhou City

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